There is no greater pain than the one inflicted by a broken heart.

Even though it’s an emotional kind of pain, it’s so unbearable that often times it feels like a physical strike.

When you suffer from such a pain, all you can hope for is that it fades away faster. It may sound like your average cliché, but the naked truth is that there is no special medicine, no magical bandage that can patch up a broken heart instantly.

In these situations, your one and only best friend is time. Only by giving it time can you heal such deep wounds as the ones inflicted upon your fragile heart. The pain will eventually go away, gradually.

On the bright side, there are some psychological tricks that could help you pass easier through this sorrowful time, and help you heal a broken heart faster:

1.  Reach out

Reach out

The last thing you want to do when you find yourself in a lamentable situation like this is to bottle things up.

On the contrary, it’s best advised to talk to someone about the whole thing – preferably someone close who cares about you.

Let them support you, comfort you and listen to their advice. It’s not imperative to apply their exact advice, but they may give you a more objective insight on your current issue.

In any way, sharing your feelings of distress can make you feel a lot better.

2.  Keep your mind busy

It’s not an absolute rule that life after a breakup should be all bad. Now is the perfect time to bring old connections back to life.

Perhaps being in a relationship is what prevented you from spending more quality time with your friends and family. Build yourself a supporting network and engage more in different activities together with the other important persons in your life.

On top of that, now you have all the time you need to put your creative skills to the test and pursue a new hobby you always wanted to try, or to get in better shape at the gym, or even to organize your wardrobe and get work done around the house.

This strategy will help you forget about the pain, and before you know it, you’ll stop feeling it for good.

3.  Let your tears roll

Let your tears roll

There is no shame in crying, especially when you’re going through a breakup.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that crying helps your psyche recover faster after emotional trauma and that’s precisely what you are looking for.

You had to go through an abrupt and hurtful change in your life and it’s absolutely normal to feel down for a while.

Let your tears wash away all the sadness and allow yourself some time to grieve. But not too much! You don’t want to stay trapped in the past forever.

4.  Plan your future

Refresh your soul

Coming out of an unsuccessful relationship isn’t the end of your life, but merely a chapter of it.

Once you dwelled in the past for enough time, it’s finally time to look forward to the future. And what better way to do that than to rediscover your own self as a single individual and not as part of a couple.

Take as much time as you need to refresh your soul and become you once again.

These psychological tricks are the key answer to all your questions on how to deal with a broken heart

Following them is not always an easy task, but it is required with no exceptions.

The power to move on is always there within you; you just have to know how to access it and become whatever you wish, but more importantly – become happy.

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