You’ve finally found yourself a gorgeous partner to go out dating with, but now what?

Things can turn to ashes pretty quickly if you fall into a dull routine, which is precisely why it is highly recommended to keep the spark of love and passion going by finding new, absolutely exciting ways to show appreciation for each other as often as possible.

Sure, we all know that fancy dates are usually pricey and could empty our pockets in a blink of an eye, but an expensive date doesn’t always equal having the best time together.

Fortunately, there are countless other ways to make your guy feel awesome in your companionship, and without having to spend enormous amounts of money on formalities.

So without further ado, here are 10 romantic date ideas for him on a budget:

1. Plan a picnic adventure

Plan a picnic adventure

Outdoor activities are always fun, even more so when you do them with your significant other.

Serving the same meals in the same places all the time can become boring, whereas doing it out on a picnic is definitely something new and refreshing. Not to mention that if you want to have your picnic deep in the woods, finding the perfect spot can also become a captivating and memorable experience that will totally be worth it.

Imagine spending your time lying down with your man on a picnic blanket in the middle of the nature while you listen to the birds’ calming songs and the wind softly cracking through the leaves. Sounds wonderful enough? Try it.

2. Cuddle together on a rainy day

cuddle on rainny days

If you look at it from a different perspective, bad weather isn’t always so bad. It offers a great opportunity and, why not, a sweet excuse for you to find your way into your partner’s arms and snuggle together while you watch the raindrops drench the city from your warm, cozy place.

You could also take this chance to watch a movie or two that you both enjoy or maybe even take a nap without letting go of that pleasant embrace.

3. Surprise him with your art

Surprise him with your art

Just like most people, guys too enjoy to receive gifts, especially when they are custom-made for them.

And because we are talking about romantic date ideas for him on a budget, this is where your artistic skills could shine.

Perhaps you are particularly good at drawing or painting, maybe you have a deep passion for singing, or maybe you simply enjoy writing.

Why not surprise your partner with your talent next time you go out? Astound him with a song, flatter him with a poem or make him a cool portrait.

Whatever you’re good at doing, he’ll definitely appreciate your hand-made gift because it makes him feel special and valued.

4. Prepare a romantic dinner

romantic dinner

An old proverb says that love goes through the stomach. You’ll be surprised to find out how accurate that is.

Of course you serve dinner all the time, maybe even enjoy it together with your date for the most part. However, giving the whole thing a romantic touch from time to time doesn’t require much effort, yet the positive results are huge!

Light up a few candles, add a couple glasses of wine to the table and you are set for an evening he won’t be able to forget.

The benefits with this idea is that it allows you to easily dodge the trouble of searching for an affordable yet nice restaurant to enjoy your supper with your guy, but instead leaves you the convenience of doing it at home, in a cheaper, more private and more intimate setting.

5. Give him a full-body massage

body massage for him

After an exhausting day at work, there is nothing more pleasing for a man than a relaxing, full-body massage to ease the tension off his tired body.

Often times men feel like they carry the world’s burden on their shoulders, so by rubbing his back or kneading his shoulders you let him know that you care not only about his mind’s wellbeing but his body’s as well.

Taking care of him in such a way can be a very effective idea for a cost free date and is definitely going to make you rise in his eyes and make him appreciate your lovely nature even more.

6. Gaze at the stars together

Taking a random walk late at night only to watch the stars with your date makes up for a tremendous romantic idea for him and it’s completely free.

Aside from a spectacular view of the night sky, this is also a perfect moment to share your most profound ideas and have a thoughtful and intriguing conversation about life, love, friendship or any other interest you may have in common.

Guys undoubtedly love this type of moments when they can hear and be heard on a deeper, more spiritual level.

On top of that, you never know when you get to see a shooting star and make a wish for good fortune.

7. Visit the special places from your early days of dating

visit special places

Going back through the beautiful memories of your first few dates together is yet another extraordinary romantic idea you could apply in order to maintain the flame of your relationship bright and strong.

It may sound obvious, but it’s surprisingly easy to forget about the places you once roamed around with your loved one and in which you had the best of times.

These places bear a huge importance in your relationship because there you got to meet your boyfriend, there you had the first kiss, first laughs and maybe shared the innermost things about each other.

Taking a walk down memory lane by revisiting those places is more than exciting and definitely a must in any happy relationship.

8. Clean or fix up the house

House cleaning

While this doesn’t sound much like a date, it might as well turn into one.

Do this to surprise your partner and there’s a good chance that he’ll get involved too.

Doing some work around the house together may lead to interesting things like finding lost items that mean something to you both, or getting that satisfaction of simply joining forces to achieve something as a couple, even if it’s a small thing like tidying up your place.

You can even have lots of fun while doing it. Throw pillows at each other, play hide and seek, spread the laughs and combine useful with pleasure.

9. Imagine you’re on your very first date


After the relationship reaches a certain point in time, hanging out tends to become less interesting to say the least.

It’s not the end of the world though, because there is a cool tiny imagination exercise that can do wonders when the rust begins to settle in.

Pretend you’re getting ready to go on your first date. Grab the nicest clothes, do the perfect makeup and show up with your hairstyle on point.

Remember the nervousness you felt back then and try to recreate the moment. It’s goofy, but it sure is fun.

10. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise

Stay up all night to watch the sunrise

You can’t spell romance without having in mind the perfect sunrise and waiting for it should in no way be a boring thing.

There are countless activities you can still do at night that will entice you both into having an unforgettable time.

You could build a fort out of blankets and pillows and recall the lighthearted pleasure you felt as a child while doing so, or you could tell scary stories in front of a flashlight, maybe play some Twister too or skip that and play with each other.

The time will pass without notice and everything will culminate into a magical sunrise, ideal to reignite your feelings for each other without costing you a dime.

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