Is your boyfriends’ birthday coming up soon but want to make his special day extra memorable?

It’s true that men get easily bored on their birthdays as they have to be reminded for another year how old they came to be. And conventional surprises like gifts aren’t helping either.

But, you can make things more interesting and spice up the atmosphere with these fun and creative birthday surprise ideas for boyfriend. The choice depends on his type and his likes (or dislikes) for that matter…

1.  Write a series of loving and sincere notes

Sometimes, love can be expressed in simple words.

Show him how much you love him, understand him, and respect him with these handwritten love notes scattered throughout the rooms of your/his home.


Every little note will have a special loving message that he will need to find the next one so he can comprehend the full meaning of the message.

You can also end each note with a “to be continued…” to spark his curiosity and excitement further.

Example: remember when we met at X park and watched the sunset together? How wonderful is….(to be continued).

Keep in mind that your words should appear sincere and heartfelt and not something general or cheesy you have seen on the net or somewhere else or they will look awkward.

2.  Arrange a music group or DJ to come and play at his party.

When he least expects it and after he blows up the candles of his birthday cake, arrange for a group to arrive at his party and cheer his spirits up with his favorite music genre e.g pop, rnb, rock, etc.

Since all men listen to some type of music, he will find the surprise utterly pleasant.

Tip: make a playlist of his favorite songs in advance and tell the group or DJ to play them.

3.  Plan a sexy surprise

Yes, carefully planned naughty surprises are always welcomed by men of all ages–well unless he is a minor or as old as your grandpa.

You could dress up yourself in a sexy uniform e.g nurse or teacher or get some exotic dancers to dance for him if you are extra frisky (and not the jealous type).

Or perhaps put together a large box filled with sexy and kinky stuff you two can play with later–like latex gloves, handcuffs, sexy boxers and lingerie or soft porn movies and stuff.

4.  Play a gift hunter

Remember that old treasure hunt game we used to play as gifts?

You can do something similar but instead of one treasure, your boyfriend will be given clues and riddles to find multiple gifts e.g gadgets, t-shirts, books, etc. that you’ve bought for him.

You can also make things more exciting by leaving the greatest/biggest gift of all last e.g an iphone.

5.  Fill the rooms and your bedrooms with flowers, pour champagne and turn the lights off.

Even though the days where these things were the norm are over, some guys are still romantic to appreciate such surprises like candlelight drinks and music or flowers.

Popping a bottle of champagne doesn’t hurt anyone…it instantly makes the atmosphere pleasantly surprising.

6.  Bring him a spa-team to take care of him

Who said that only women need spas and pampering to feel good and rejuvenated?

In this age of stressful working and living conditions, men are in need of some good pampering too.

Why don’t you get him a massage therapist or reflexologist or even a manicurist or hairdresser to instantly make him feel relaxed and/or revive his look (in case he wants a change). He will love it…

7.  Get tickets to go on a trip together

Perhaps he has already discussed with you where he wishes to go some day e.g New York, but for some reason you haven’t been able to book your tickets yet. (Read: Romantic getaways in California : San Francisco is Tops in Romance)

This can be tricky as you need to find a date and time that is both convenient for you, but if you are sure you two could go on a wonderful holiday together at certain time, you can purchase the tickets in advance and hand him an envelope with the tickets inside as a surprise gift.

Imagine how delighted he will be once he opens that envelope… (Read: Honeymoons Ideas For Nature Lovers: 6+1 ideas and destinations for all couples and budgets)

8.  Call the local radio station and dedicate him a song for his birthday

Many local radio stations welcome birthday wishes from anyone that calls to wish and dedicate a song to their loved ones. It’s free and it will make your boyfriend feel special, as its name and his favorite song plays on air.

Just make sure he is tuned in the time this is going to happen-and get some friends that will be with him to tune in the target radio station so he doesn’t miss out on his special birthday wishes dedication.

9.  Show up with a custom t-shirt with his name (or the names of both of you)

Men love tees and t-shirts of various kinds and more so, when it has their name on it (or any other personal message you wish to send that will cheer him up or express him as a person).

There are many shops offline and online offering this kind of service at a low extra cost–of course, you have to arrange this at least 1-2 weeks in advance as the process of personal printing can take several days to complete.

10. Get an estranged friend or relative he says he misses to show up at his birthday party

Perhaps he’s been telling you already about somebody that he misses and lost touch with for some time.

If this someone isn’t located in the opposite side of the world or doesn’t have a serious issue to reject your invitation, search them online of offline and invite them over and possibly pay their tickets in case they can’t pay.

You can even offer to accommodate them for a day or two so they don’t come just for two hours and leave.

There Ya Go

Here are the 10 unique and creative birthday surprise ideas for your awesome boyfriend.  Do let us know on the comments below if you had have the chance to try any of them?

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