Does your man have an upcoming birthday or anniversary but you have no clue on what to buy him as he seems to have everything?

Well, technically a male can’t have everything no matter how rich he is, but if you wish to buy him something different beyond the ordinary (and boring) e.g ties, wallets, or t-shirts, there are actually some pretty unique alternatives to try.

So here is a list of 10 best gifts for men who have everything:

1.  An old console with retro tv or mobile games

Remember the famous Pacman, Tetris and Street Fighter back in the 80s.

If he was an an avid fan of video games back then, you can let him take a trip down the memory lane by buying him an old console with classic arcade games.

Some retro consoles are still available even today but you have to make sure they are compatible with your current T.V or else they’ll be useless.

And if you are in doubt, you can always go for an old mobile console like Nintendo game boy, for example, which was huge back in the 90s.

2.  A virtual slide photo album

If you both have a pile of beautiful photos that you’ll like to arrange somehow and showcase them in your space.

A great more modern alternative to traditional photo frames and photo booths or albums, would be a digital photo album that connects to a usb archive of pics and displays them on screen when turned on.

This is also a great way to revive your memories as a couple and it doesn’t cost more than $70 to get one.


3.  A 5-in-1 Bluetooth LED Music speaker device

Wireless bluetooth devices are widely popular nowadays because they can do multiple things, all in one single device.

They can light up in fancy LED colours for a big party or jazzing up the atmosphere on your place, connect with radios and usbs to play music, and display time or give alarm notifications.

If your man is the type that likes to try out new gadgets, this is a perfect idea. Prices usually range from $30 to $100, depending on the manufacturer and the number of features.

4.  Get him a wine tasting kit/game

Does your partner love wines? Instead of buying him another bottle of wine (how original), you can go one step further a buy him a game/kit with wine tasting samples and some note sheets to describe the notes for each wine.

And you can make things more alluring and mysterious by giving him a sample to taste while he is blindfolded. It will surely go down well.

5.  Get him a squishy sex toy

If there is one thing that men are secretly curious to try out but are too embarrassed to admit it and buy it themselves, is a sex toy.

This is where you can prove useful and buy him something really naughty that he can play with when he feels stressed or on the contrary, aroused and you aren’t in sight.

Some good ideas: pu$$y masturbators, squishy silicon boobs and complete blow up dolls.

6.  A personalised cutting board and chef knives

Is your man proud of his culinary skills but doesn’t have the right tools to prove it?

You can get him a set of chef knives and a wooden cutting board with his name engraved.

We bet he’ll be using it again and again. And if he lives certain unique flavors, you can also buy him some spice blends to spice up his meals.

Men simply love to feel like a chef in their kitchens…

7.  A special box filled with assorted health snacks, accessories and supplements

If your man is a gym rat that likes to workout their socks off, you can get him a box you will fill with some fitness and health goodies like protein bars, sport bottles, vitamins, meal plans and everything that makes him stick to his health and fitness routine for good.

And if you don’t have the time to pick each of these items yourself, you can opt for a subscription box service (they are plenty of options online) and personalize it to his likes.





8.  Get him a professional massage

We really can’t think of a man that doesn’t enjoy a full professional massage in a relaxed atmosphere and at a level he feels comfortable with.

If your loved one seems to be stressed lately or complains about random body pains, this makes a perfect idea to ease his stress and make him feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Of course, you don’t want to accidentally send him to call girl/massage service that may please him otherwise (lol).

9.  Go on a helicopter tour together

In case you man is a heavy adrenaline rush seeker, you can satisfy his wants and maybe explore regions in new heights you’ve never seen before by going on a helicopter tour at a natural or city spot you both wish to view.

Typical helicopter tour sessions last between 20 minutes to an hour and they cost anywhere from $50 to $150 so book yours in advance to surprise him.

If this is his first time, he will surely remember it for good.

10. Buy him a male skincare kit

Every man has a few basics in their grooming cabinet and bathroom like razors and shaving cream or cologne–but if he doesn’t seem to have a few extras that will take his grooming routine to the next level, you can get him some.

Some good suggestions to include in a kit (if you are assorting this yourself) are: a day moisturizer, an eye gel/cream for dark circles, and black charcoal mask for blackheads or pimples.

All major cosmetic companies carry ready-made kits with all male skincare essentials but it’s better to personalize it a bit with your own picks.


Wrapping it up

Remember, when it comes to great and unique ideas for men that simply have it all, you ideally wish to go for something that your man WANTS but can’t buy for X reason, not something that he NEEDS and has already.

If you know him well, you’ll know instinctively which is the perfect gift choice for him.



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