If both you and your partner are avid nature lovers and enjoy exploring the wild with minimal distractions e.g noise or that typical tourist junk you have to encounter in dense tourist destinations, there are virtually countless of places to go abroad (well, unless you wish to stay within the borders of your country).

From wild African safaris to exotic secluded destinations and volcanic or green mountainous areas, there is something for every nature lover and any budget.

Here are some great honeymoon couple ideas to consider this summer:

1.  Go on an African safari

African safari is among the top 5 destinations for lovers of nature for a good reason–it gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the wild nature and animals you see on the T.V and movies and explore the magnificent fauna up close and unfiltered.

Of course, african safaris are not for the faint of heart as they can be a tad scary and dangerous (large animals like elephants or hippos may attack the vehicle), but such incidents are uncommon when you are using a reputable carrier with the right vehicle to make your safari trip less dangerous.

Some renowned safari destinations: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Etosha National Park, and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

2.  Go to the Maldives for a coral reef and full diving experience

There is nothing better than a distance, tropical paradise like the Maldives, especially if you are fan of the sea or tropical forests.

The maldives are a complex of islands in the Pacific ocean that are small in size, but full of natural beauties nonetheless. Even lux resorts and apartments there are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation that you simply can’t find in big places and cities made of steel. It’s a paradise on earth from any angle you see it.

But if you fancy a little adventure with your partner, a diving session to explore the magnificent coral reefs and the deep waters of Maldives filled with exotic species of fish and sea creatures.



3.  Become an elephant mahout in Thailand

Since elephants in many Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore are plenty and much favored by locals and tourists, instead of going on a zoo a usual to see them (along with other animals) or even ride them over a chair, you can become with your partner an elephant mahout, or in English a guide for elephants where you accompany and learn how to take care of the animal e.g feed it, bath it or exercise it with ball or similar object.

It is a very rewarding and ethical experience as the animal isn’t restrained in a circus or zoo or even forced to ride you for long hours.

So if you love this big yet cute animal species, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more and bond with them from up close.

4.  Ride the South African Yards with a Bicycle

Cape Town, besides being on the most lively cities of Africa that have all a tourist needs, is also famous for its suburban vineyards.

A few of the finest wines in the world are being produced here and you can rent a bicycle with your partner and go on a small tour to explore the vineyards inside and out. The tours often feature a wine tasting session and some snacks to accompany each wine.

The good news is that these tours, depending on the rental company are usually cheap and cost as low as $15 for half a day/person. A great couples’ travelling opportunity you don’t want to miss when you are in Cape Town.

5.  Learn fishing from local experts in Singapore or the Philippines

In some Asian regions, local fishing villages and spots are still a part of the country’s culture and way of living, despite some efforts of modernization.

If you love fishing in its pure, traditional form there is nothing better than joining local fishermen or fishing tours by boat for a few hours or even half a day.

Popular fishing charters in the Philippines include the Diura fishing village, the Eden Nature Park in Davao City, and El Nido island.






Likewise in Singapore, you can go testing your fishing skills and enjoy a full learning experience in My Fishing Frenzy Academy in Sentosa Cove and Kallang Riverside Park.





6.  Visit Cyprus’ nature trails

Although Cyprus isn’t as widely known as other tourist destinations, it’s still worth at least one visit, especially if you are traveling with your loved one.

This gem of the Mediterranean sea, which was rumored to be the birthplace of Goddess Venus back in the ancient times, has everything that a tourist and nature lover needs for a pleasant holiday experience–from magnificent sandy or pebble beaches with crystal clear waters to evergreen valleys and hundreds of hidden nature trails to walk by and take pictures.

Some good natural trail suggestions you should try are: Avakas Gorge, Aphrodite’s path in Akamas, Chrisovrysi in Troodos, Limassol district, Kalidonia Waterfalls in Limassol district, and Kavos natural trail in Famagusta.

7.  Go watch the orangutans swinging in Borneo

Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world and as such, there is plenty to explore once you get your feet on the ground there.

One great activity is you and your partner are lovers of nature is going on tour to watch the Orangutans swinging and living in their natural rainforest environment.

We suggest that you go on a tour to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, which takes care of abandoned and orphaned orangutans so you can both come closer to these lovely endangered animals and contribute to their survival.

If you are lucky enough, you can catch them finding and processing food for their baby or even make umbrellas out of leaves to protect themselves from the sun, wind or rain. Very smart creatures indeed.

If you have any other suggestions on Honeymoon ideas for Nature Lovers for all couples, feel free to leave your comments below 🙂

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