If you wish to strengthen the bond between you and your significant other, you’ll need to be a little creative.

And what could help better than a romantic place for couples like yours?

Holidays mean more than merely resting and having a great time. They can also mean a perfect opportunity for you to improve the intimate connection with your nearest and dearest.

This is particularly true for couples, since it’s only you and your partner planning and taking the trip, so you can have lots of fun and get closer to each other on a deeper level as well. Think about it, there are no unwanted guests, no job responsibilities, but instead plenty of time to have tremendous sex.

Why should partners take romantic vacations together?

Going on an adventure together isn’t a must at the beginning of the relationship. When you’ve already been dating for some time, however, it’s just natural that you think of a trip together.

Even so, some people decide not to do that, given that it may be contrary to their fundamentals of not sleeping together before marriage. Though, the majority of couples today take advantage of every chance to get as far as possible from their usual lives and spend more quality time together.

If you go on a trip along with your loved one, not only you double the fun by experiencing a good number of new, intriguing things, but you also find out more about the places you visit.

Aside from that, you get to learn new things about your partner as well. Placing yourself in uncommon situations can bring up to surface an interesting part of you. Spending time with one another, with no other disturbances, can and will bring you two a lot closer. You get to speak more than you normally do, you learn to be more grateful and appreciate everything you’ve been missing out on.

Here are 10 Romantic Vacation Ideas to improve the connection between you

In case you’re making any plans for the most romantic vacation, make sure you choose one that allows you and your partner to try something new. Be certain that it provides you enough time to strengthen the bond.

1. Take a hike

take a hike

Imagine the wonderful outdoors, with the sun shining bright over your heads and the wind blowing gently through your hair… It sounds like a lot to ask for in this time of excessive relaxation, but it works wonders.

Just you and your lover, making your way through the woods while bears or wolves could spice things up at any step.

We’re joking. Or are we?

2. Backpack in a foreign country

Backpack in a foreign country

Speaking of hiking, this is more like the extreme version of it.

The main difference is that this time you’ll have to bear the burden of huge loads on your backs too.

My apologies, girls. You can’t make your man carry your bag either, unless you want to be mean. Although carrying your own heavy luggage may sound like trouble, things can get pretty fun when you have to challenge your communication abilities and go through a different kind of day to day living.

Going through this together with your partner will without a doubt help your relationship grow.

3. Trips to the beach

Does it sound too mainstream or boring? You can bet not.

It all depends on how you choose to do it. You could spend it locked up in a cabin or sleep directly on the sand. The view is spectacular, the possible activities are plenty, and more importantly, you are accompanied by the love of your life.

Still think it’s boring? Not at all. Beaches are always the ideal romantic place for couples. You just need to make the most of this occasion, because this type of trips are quite rare and probably far away too.

Unless, of course, you happen to have a beach right next to you. In that case, explore a beach from a different country. The experience is totally worth it.

4. Road trips across the country

Stuck in a car for who knows how many hours? Sounds like a very romantic situation.

Talking is inevitable, meaning that you communication abilities will be absolutely rocking by the end of the excursion.

Don’t forget to pick a destination you’ve never been to before, because the last thing you’d want is to end such a tiresome adventure on a sour note.

Take your time to decide over an exciting route and be ready to let the joy flow through you as you start to see all the beautiful things along the way.

5. Ghost-hunting

ghost hunting

Perhaps not the real stuff. Just visit a tourist trap, where it’s less dangerous and you probably won’t come across any real phantom.

Where not saying they’re not real, or that they are, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Getting possessed would be such a headache. Otherwise it’s an exceptional experience, thrilling, and definitely something out of the ordinary.

Many fellows have this on their bucket lists and now is just the time to cross this off of yours.

What’s even better, you can return to the exciting memories you had on the hunt any time you wish, and, with a bit of luck, you won’t find Dracula either.

6. Skydive


This one will surely make your adrenaline levels rise to heights unknown by you before. This is usually the case with any activity that could result in a terrible death, but since you’ll have all the assurance and highly skilled professionals watching over your back, there is no reason you shouldn’t enhance your relationship with such intense moments. It’ll most likely make you get closer to each other too, as it’s definitely something one wouldn’t normally do.

This type of activity pushes you to test your physical and mental capabilities, and who should you share this with, if not your partner? This way you’ll have created a feeling that will stick with you for the rest of your lives.

7. Go surfing or snowboarding


Whether you prefer the cold of a snowy mountain, or the heat of a sunny beach, any novel sporting activity is a welcome one, especially if it requires you to leave your zip code.

You can train for it together and then have a taste of all the fun of sliding over tall mountains or waves together.

If that doesn’t strengthen the connection between you, it’s hard to imagine what will. And since you’re already there anyway, you and your lovely partner can seize the opportunity and explore the whole place.

8. Camping


Camping might as well be one of the most romantic vacations ideas. Not only is it less demanding in terms of effort, but it almost costs nothing too. Some refer to it as the hiking without walking, and for good reason.

Instead of carrying luggage around, you just set up your tent and you’re good for a couple of nights. The woods are a magical place and the very fact that you’ll be able to tell stories around a campfire in the middle of it already sounds like a refreshing plan. It also enables you to communicate more and discover each other in a more profound way. The calming ambience is a big bonus as well.

9. Humanitarian Volunteering

humanitarian volunteer

Having a trip with the purpose of doing something helpful along the way is not only noble, but a brilliant plan as well. In most cases it requires a minimum amount of effort, but the feeling you’ll get by doing something good for the community is so incredibly rewarding, even more so when you are joined by your loved one. You get to help someone, but also get to help your entire relationship grow.

10. Homecations


In case the tight budget or the lack of time doesn’t allow you to leave your place, don’t worry, it can still be a blissful vacation.

Grab your partner and seek refuge in the comforts of your cozy home and leave your troubles and your gadgets behind (okay, maybe not all of them, since you’ll still need Netflix).

There are so many cool ways to still have a great time between the walls of your place. You can look for new songs to listen and then dance on them, cook together, heck, even build a fort. And the best part – it’s completely free!

Have you already decided which idea would be the most romantic vacation for you? Remember, the destination is important, but even more important is the journey towards it.

The purpose is to bond with your partner on a deeper level, and there are numerous romantic places for couples to do just that.

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