Ever thought about how much time you waste looking to be the type of woman you think men desire and how to keep a man interested?

If you’re similar to the majority of women, it’s probably A LOT. You dedicate so much time and effort trying to look sexy and appealing, funny yet interesting, compassionate but not even a bit needy.

You spend all this time attempting to convince him how great you would be for him, how wonderful his future would look like if he chose you to be his loving partner.

And yet, nothing seems to work. It never does. Then you can’t help but ask yourself: “how to keep a man interested?” or “how to get a guy’s attention?

Most of the time the problem is that he takes you, your qualities, and your effort for granted. But WHY does he do that? Could it be that he’s too ignorant or immature? Or perhaps… It’s your fault for doing all the work for him.

If He Doesn’t Struggle to Seduce You, He Won’t Appreciate You


Men appreciate more the things they have to struggle for in order to achieve.

Give a guy a school diploma, and he won’t appreciate it as much as he would’ve had if it were the result of his own hard work.

Give a guy the flawless girlfriend, and he won’t appreciate her as much as he would’ve had if he actually had to make a tremendous effort just to get her to want to go on a date with him.

No wonder playing hard to get works so well. However, you may have noticed that there is a HUGE issue with this strategy. The trick stops working once he’s won your heart.

Something very strange happens in men’s brains when they conclude they’ve got you. It’s nearly as if they say to themselves: “That was it, game over.” Deep in their minds they already think about the next challenge. Why is that? No one probably knows…

Even so, what can you do to keep a man interested and prevent the end of what could otherwise be a wonderful relationship?

You’re Not The Only One In This Situation – EVERY Woman Experiences This (That’s Why They Seek Aid on How to Keep a Man interested with Them)

Sadly, lots of women wind up quitting love. After that, they never allow themselves to get too attached to a man ever again, paradoxically, because of the fear of scaring him away. They look for guidance and one of the people they ask for advice is relationship coach James Bauer.

Mr. Bauer observed that a big number of his clients came to him complaining about guys being in two minds, very confused about how they feel and what they want. One day they would be all lovely, sweet and caring and the other they would be emotionally unavailable, as if something had changed overnight.

Their man would become distant, cold, would stop smiling and avoided eye contact. Even worse, they would have no more time for them. Their kisses would become short and not passionate in the slightest. And women simply couldn’t figure out how to get a guy’s attention anymore. So, in a desire to help his clients, James Bauer began to investigate.

His discoveries explained everything. He finally elucidated the mystery of why men were backing off. He found out what they wanted, what they needed, and what they weren’t receiving.

There wasn’t anything bad about these women.

The issue was something he called “The Hero Instinct”

Nearly All Women Drive Men Away By Doing Something They Don’t Even Realize

Among the greatest things about women is their ability to be genuinely affectionate and caring. Take a look at yourself. You always take care of your guy, you’re always by his side. Somehow you always manage to find time for him and in reality, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for him.

But what you don’t realize is that, in this whole process, you’re in fact taking something away from him. You’re unknowingly depriving him of his motivation, his purpose.

Men have a deep desire of wanting to be a woman’s hero, not the other way around. The truth is that men adore heroes. They see them as role models and as silly as it may sound, that is the main reason why they’re still captivated by superhero movies from DC Comics or Marvel Comics.

All guys on the planet, ever since they were just kids, fancied about becoming the one hero that would save the world, and more importantly, that would get the girl at the end.

Given the circumstances, most guys fail to nurture this side of theirs in their full-time jobs.

Real life doesn’t offer them the opportunity to rip off their shirts and ties and venture into battle, uncovering their heroic side. Perhaps they are unable to save the whole world, but they are still able to get the girl.

Winning a girl’s heart is a challenging mission. It requires superhuman charm, superhuman wit and superhuman confidence- qualities that only a guy with the spirit of a superhero can manifest.

Now all that’s left for him to do is to find a girl that’s in need of a hero. Are you in need of a hero? Nope, that’s not you.

You are a tough independent woman. You can take care of your own with ease, you can fix everything around the house alone, even open that jar of pickles all by yourself.

On top of that, you’re extremely altruistic, generous and have to offer a man everything you think he desires. The only thing you desire is to find a guy who’s ready to accept all you have to offer.

And that is precisely why no hero shows up at your doorstep. That’s exactly why you’ve winded up with so many takers, yet no givers. But if you truly want a hero, you have to follow some certain steps. Here they are.

Apply These 4 Easy Techniques to Get Your Desired Hero in No Time

1.  Let him win your admiration

Heroes love to dive into demanding tasks. Similarly, they despise receiving all the praises that come along with the gold medal merely for showing up. They don’t take any pleasure in a thing they simply got without them actually earning it. There is no sense of achievement for them this way.

So, if you think about handing them your heart on a golden plate, don’t! If they want anything more than a woman’s eternal and undying love, that’s a worthy challenge. And you should give him just that. Give him the chance to prove you and himself that he’s worthy of your appreciation.

2.  Don’t be afraid to ask a guy for help

Make him feel like he’s needed. Ask for his advice when buying a new gadget, ask him to grab something from a tall shelf, let him help you with your car if there’s any problem with it.

Don’t worry about sounding too needy. That’s not the case. You’re merely letting him know that you have plenty of space for a man in your life.

3.  Take joy in a man’s company

The women who are most loved by men are the ones who appreciate their masculinity as it is.

It doesn’t matter if his apartment is a sports temple, or that he spends hours thinking about his favorite football team. It doesn’t matter if he thinks that the best shirt is the least crinkled one. He’s a guy and that’s totally fine. He doesn’t need to change to be more like you, because you already covered the feminine part in the relationship.

4.  Engage in activities together

Doing things together is must in any relationship. It’s even more important when you struggle to get a guy’s attention.

Encourage him to do more things involving both of you. This way, not only will you keep things fun, but you also determine him to give you the attention you crave for.

Don’t Stop Learning

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