Kissing is probably the greatest sign of affection and it dates back to the beginning of time.

There are several types of kisses: blown kisses, kisses on the cheeks, on the forehead, on the lips, or the respectable kiss of your hand or even the ones delivered upon parting.

In another category, we have kisses between family members.

A kiss may carry many distinct meanings depending on the person who gives it and the person who receives it.

The most interesting ones of the types of kisses, however, are the romantic kisses.

You should be very considerate with this type of kisses ‘cause they can be different both in meaning and intensity.

1.  Let’s start with the “First Date Kiss”

This one is bestowed to the person you hang out with at the first meeting.

It frequently happens at the end of the date, but it can happen even a little bit earlier.

The kiss granted on the first date is a sign that your partner had a great time with you and would enjoy another meeting. It means that they really liked you and it’s like a promise that they will keep thinking about you ‘till next time.

2.  Further down the list, we have the “Make Out Kiss”

These kisses are more passionate, more seductive and carnal. They can get very hot and arduous and can happen while you are sitting on the sofa, or when you’ve started the make out session.

This kind of kisses may not always lead to the “Happy Ending Kisses”, but they involve many feelings and even more promises.

“Make out Kisses” can take for hours – hours of pure bliss. These are usually more desired by women, as men tend to want to take it to an end much faster.

3.  Last but not least, there are also the “Happy Ending Kisses” which were mentioned above

This is the genuine kind of kiss because of the promises involved. They are profound and involve the tongue as well. They hold the power to transform your date into the most passionate one.

If you’re a really lucky snowflake

All of these three types of kisses can happen in the same day!

As an example, the “First Date Kiss” can be followed by the “Make out Kiss”, which may lead to the “Happy Ending Kiss”.

Even so, this is not exactly recommended, as you should take it step by step. The rush can make the boy stop wanting to meet you again. All things should flow naturally.

What you want to express to your partner or to the person you are going to kiss is strictly connected to one of these three ways of kissing.

Men, usually, don’t know how to interpret the signals you give and can’t differentiate between the types of kisses you are giving, because most of them only want the kiss to end one way, but if you’re sure which kiss you are giving, that means you know what you want.

It is extremely relevant to know which type of kiss you are going to choose before it happens.

Following the same logic, you can avoid leaving a wrong impression or become teased because of the way you chose to give your kiss.

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