Following a break-up, it’s pretty common to get hurt and confused while reminiscing all the good times you’ve shared with your ex and wondering if it’s possible to get back with your ex.

To be honest, things aren’t easy, especially if the break-up was bold and a traumatic experience for both of you.

Nonetheless, there is “light at the end of the tunnel” and hope for a reconciliation if you spot any or all of the following signs–the more you have, the greater the chances of rekindling your old romance: (Read: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Your Ex Back)

1.  You have broken up over a lame excuse or due to some external factor that could be easily fixed.

Let’s say for example you had a fight and broke up because he got drunk and ridiculed himself (and you) in public or because he/she was currently unemployed and could’t support your relationship, despite the loving bond you two shared together.

If it’s something that isn’t serious nor lasting, you two could get in touch initially and repair your past relationship shortcomings.

2.  They haven’t started to date someone (yet)

If let’s suppose that two months have passed after your split and your partner hasn’t moved on to a new relationship, chances are, they are not over you and take their time to process what happened.

Take a bit of time as well to reconsider things and if he/she doesn’t make the first move, perhaps the are waiting for you to do so, so you can get back together.

3.  They find opportunities to see you and keep tabs on you

While they may not choose to directly contact you, they may ask about you through others, like your pics on Social media (in case you haven’t blocked each other), and possibly show up in places where they know you hang out e.g that fast food joint or mall you go once a week.

The more you see them post-break up unexpectedly, the greater the chances of them thinking about you and of course, getting back together with your ex.

4.  You haven’t gotten desperate and fall yourself short

Many people react really badly and desperate when they go through a break up e.g drunk-calling your ex at inappropriate hours that you love them or even stalking them and following them to work.

All these are desperate and pathetic attempts that sabotage any odds of reconciliation with your ex, but if you were civil and mature enough to handle the breakup with ease, you will probably make them wondering and considering seriously the prospect of  reconciling with you.

5.  You have forgiven him (and yourself) for all past mistakes

Not everything will run smoothly and you know this first hand. If you have grown as a person and you want them back without holding any grudges and bitterness, then you are ready to reconcile with them.

Of course, he/she should be in the same position himself and you will eventually find out by contacting your ex directly or through common acquaintances.

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