So you’ve decided to explore the online dating world and spared a few minutes behind your screen to craft an online profile waiting for some magic to happen. And boom–it doesn’t go as expected and you end up feeling like a protagonist in a “forever alone” movie sequence. (Read: 5 Massive Reasons To Date Online)

It is natural to blame yourself for any of your online dating mishaps but in most cases, you aren’t solely the one to blame as the mere platform you choose simply failed to live up to your expectations. And it happens more often with free dating sites as opposed to targeted websites that you pay a membership.

The question is: Why free dating sites just don’t work?

why free dating sites just don't work

Let’s take things from the start. In the world of online dating sites, there are mainly two kinds, based on membership structure and payment–the ones that are free to join and use, the ones that charge a certain monthly or yearly feel and the ones that are between (e.g free to join but charge extra for applications and features).

The one thing common though, whatever dating platform you choose–is having to create a profile and fill it with interesting info and possibly pictures and videos of yourself to maintain your membership.

But, everything else differs from one platform to another and especially whether it’s a free dating site or a paid one targeted to only a specific group of people e.g seniors or vegan adults.

So if you are wondering about what’s the matter with free dating sites and why they just don’t work, here are a few good reasons to ditch them or at least think twice before checking them out:

1.  People just don’t take it seriously

The sole fact that these sites are free, makes people sign up once without possibly coming back as they didn’t spare a single dime to obtain their membership.

Just think about it: Would you desire to have a rare designer purse that costs a three figure amount or would you want it the same if it was thrown out in the street for anyone to pick it up? Nobody wants free trash, right?

Well, that may not be a perfectly relevant example (we get it), but you get the point here–we tend to value and use things that we pay for as opposed to free junk that virtually anyone can get.

It’s dead on easy to sign-up there in only just a couple of minutes and then simply forget about it. I

t’s one reasons why so many folks sign-up but are no longer active and  the process of finding interesting active profiles is like finding needle in the haystack.

2.  These websites tend to look cheap, spammy and boring

Even though many dating sites are free to join, you will find out, even upon first glance why they are free in the first place.

It all comes with a hidden “price”. The graphics look cheap and outdated, the content is lacking and everything looks like it was developed by an 20-something amateur developer with little to none clue on how dating platforms should look and function.

And because these sites are free to join, they are often loaded with spammy and unwanted ads that may pop up on your screen any time without notice, making you leave the platform in seconds before you can actually use it.

As you can see, these free dating site owners need to generate some quick buck from other sources other than user memberships and they often do it by posting spam and unwanted ads. Very frustrating…

3.  They lack important applications and features

Another downside of free dating platforms is that they often lack useful apps and features that make dating or at least meeting people online much easier.

They may for example, lack any instant messenger that allows you to talk with another person in real time or don’t have a dedicated general forum in which you can discuss your dating concerns or exchange valuable info with fellow members.

They just look static and lacking, which makes many people quit using them after some time or even after joining the platform.

And if they offer any extra features, they are either only basic or cost money, which defeats the purpose of using these dating sites for free in the first place. The overall user experience is often not that rich in such sites.

4.  Anyone can register–even bad people or criminals

Some cons of free dating platforms are just annoying e.g ads and spam but some things are just dangerous or could be risky, putting yourself and others in danger if you aren’t careful enough to weed out the good people from the bad ones.

Since these sites are free to join, anyone can register and start messaging others. It may sound bizarre but could be your long lost father, an underage girl using her mother’s account, or even a criminal sex offender hiding behind a screen and looking for their next victim (yes, it can happen to YOU).


If you can start making a profile and choose the info you wish to present about yourself in seconds, anyone can do the same as well. You simply don’t know which person is hiding behind the screen and if they have good intentions or not. It’s like playing Russian roulette.

5.  They don’t offer much support online

As free dating sites are often run by one web owner or only a small team of people, support for site issues or any other problems your encounter with the platform is often minimal or slow.

You may get an answer if you are lucky, but it will probably be a cookie-cutter auto-generated answer that everyone gets in their e-mail or messenger.

The owners and people behind it just don’t have enough time or resources to answer each user message they get. Getting a fast and personalized answer to your question or issue is pretty rare in these dating sites and it may only come from fellow users, if and only the platform has a live community.

To sum up

Of course, the above reasons don’t necessarily imply that all free dating sites are total trash and that you should ditch them for paid dating platforms.

There are a few free dating platforms that are better than others–you just have to do your own homework, look up user reviews online and specifically outside the platform itself, and decide yourself whether they are worth your time or not.

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