If you are fed up with traditional dating and wish to try something more exciting, technology has now made things easier with social media and online dating platforms. (Read: Why Free Dating Sites Just Don’t Work?)

5 massive reasons to date online

While online dating may not be a suitable option for everyone, especially seniors who are not familiar with using technology, there are some pretty awesome reasons to date online.

1.  It’s less socially awkward and embarrassing.

Remember the time when your friends set you up with that “good” guy but once you two got on a date, you found yourself yawning and just feeling awkward, staring in all directions and getting your tongue tied?

The beauty of dating online is that it allows you to talk with strangers (or half-strangers like ex schoolmates or friends of your friends) without feeling awkward as you aren’t exposing yourself in the pubic.

You can choose to contact them anytime or even block them if you wish.

2.  You don’t have enough time or money to spare on traditional dates.

Let’s stay you have a nine-to-five job and you also have to make sure your ill 80 year old father is well taken care of. Or you are almost broke and don’t have much cash to spare on multiple dates.

By chatting with someone online, you get to know them first without having to arrange multiple dates first. Once you get to know them well enough, you can then schedule a date at a time and place that fits you both.

3.  Build an online dating profile

Online dating profile

It’s really easy.

While it does take a bit of time to craft a dating profile and start looking for strangers to meet online, once you complete this step, the rest steps that follow are literally a piece of cake.

You simply look up for profiles that sound interesting or wait for others to contact you first without lifting a finger.

It just takes from a few seconds to a few minutes to start chatting with someone interesting, even if they are located a thousand miles away from you.

4.  You choose to reveal your personal details or not.

Once you decide to date online, you can either choose to reveal little or specific details about yourself if you wish e.g small name or age or share more.

Unless your profile and identity gets hacked, which is highly unlikely in big and secured social platforms, your details are kept confidential and you are the one choosing how much and what info you’ll be sharing with others.

5.  There are more chances to find what you looking for.

Since they are thousands if not millions of people utilizing social media and dating platforms, or should we say there are “plenty of fish in the sea”, there are 1000X more chances to find eventually what you are looking for.

Of course, you will meet and chat with unwanted “suitors” but if you are persistent enough, you may even find your soulmate through online dating.

There you go! Five great reasons to date online.

Which have you found the most convincing? Tell us the in the comments down below…


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