When you explore the marvels of dating as a single girl, there are a good number of guys of different types that you’ll stumble upon. (Read: Effective steps on how to start dating again after a long break from the dating world)

11 Signs That Indicate He Doesn't Deserve A Second Date

Some of them may be funny and cheerful, others very smart and insightful, a few romantic and sweet, and some down-right brilliant.

Even so, how can you tell if you’ve found yourself a keeper?

At first, you could look around: take your friends’ or your coworkers’ opinion. But do you at least know what you’re looking for?

It’s true that the fit stud, the pious saint, or mommy’s little boy all have their charm.

However, determining whether or not they are good boyfriend material is particularly hard mission– the kind in which some ladies could end up drowning in tears, covered in crinkled tissues, and holding a full plate of chocolate cake on their lap.

It’s obvious that not a single girl goes out hunting just to get her heart torn apart, but if you do the mistake of ignoring your rationality entirely during the first few dates, chances are you’re freely exposing your own heart to danger.

It’s perfectly fine to listen to your heart and follow your intuition, but that alone isn’t enough. When it comes to dating and engaging in what could be a beautiful experience, making use of your head is vital.

Fortunately, it can be fairly easy for any girl to avoid getting hurt or lied to, if they are an active dater. What does that mean? Don’t let yourself fall prey to his angelic blue eyes, at least not until you discover who he truly is. (Read: 11 signs that indicate he doesnt deserve a second date)


Before running into any trouble, first make sure that he’s the kind that’ll go search for you, cherish you and admire your qualities.

Remember that in the end you don’t want to date his attractive potential, but his flawed yet nonetheless wonderful reality.

A basic principle you should take into account is that bad boys, although tempting in the beginning, usually bring bad relationships. Avoid both of those by verifying if your date possesses the majority, if not the entirety of the “good guy” traits below.

Essential qualities to look for in a guy that make him the perfect date:

1.  He values honesty

First and foremost quality you should look for in a good man is his sincerity.

While this feature alone rises up the level of attractiveness of a guy through the roofs, it’s also a lot more beneficial for the overall wellbeing of the relationship.

An actual good guy will always be brave enough to unveil the truth when the occasion arises, whether it’s something about him, the relationship or simply taking truth’s side in other matters.

2.  He’s a good listener

The ability to listen is undoubtedly a prime quality of a good man.

Maybe you’ve had a bad day at work or you simply vent about the latest drama with your friend, your man is careful and picks up on every detail of the story.

He may not be capable of solving things, but your struggles still matter to him which means you matter to him.

3.  He has high morals

Standing up for and encouraging morally solid choices in him and in others around him is a good sign that your guy can discern the good from the bad.

This guy is all for fairness while also fighting injustice. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that his actions and choices are healthy and well thought-out.

4.  He’s in excellent relationship with his parents

Being a “mommy’s boy” can have long-lasting yet positive effects.

Not only does such a guy know how to treat a woman right, but this also shows that he understands the importance of relationships through family.

If he’s willing to take the time to nurture a good situation with his parents long after the teenage years of living under their roof, it means that he appreciates a long-lasting and committed relationship.

5.  He’s not mad for power

Showing off in terms of power is in the blood of lots of men, but a good guy doesn’t feel the need to always be on top commanding others.

Whether it’s in a work scenario, between buddies, or even inside a relationship, a good guy won’t have any issues in adapting peacefully to the circumstances.

His inner security and confidence are so strong that he’s not afraid to leave the spotlight and sit in the passenger seat every once in a while.

6.  He is humble

An old proverb used to say: “self-praise doesn’t smell good”. The ideal guy knows it.

He lets his actions speak louder than his words and allows the world to see his genuine self, rather than trying to distort his image through pompous praises.

After all, modesty is primordial among the qualities of a good man.

7.  He is polite

Treating himself and others with respect creates and attracts positive vibes wherever he sets foot in.

This powerful energy is even more intense in a relationship where mutual respect along with kind and compassionate words are a founding pillar.

8.  He thanks people

As elementary as it may sound, simply saying “thanks” can tell a lot about someone. It means that they understand the importance of gratitude and marks the signs of a sound attitude.

A guy who can express gratitude understands that he is not the center of the universe and that not everything revolves around his persona, so whenever he is shown attention or sympathy, he knows how to appreciate and react to it.

9.  He has complete control over himself and his feelings

No matter the places or circumstances he finds himself in, this guy knows how to act accordingly.

He doesn’t lose his cool on you in the middle of a social event, and doesn’t send objects flying across the room just to make a point in an argument. He knows when to put an end to drinking and knows when to call a taxi home.

Regardless of the situation, he thinks his decisions thoroughly before acting on his impulses.

10.  He’s reliable and responsible

Having responsibilities is something we all face in life, but carrying them out is an entirely different thing.

If your date cares about his duties and actually takes the time to do them, then you are a very lucky gal because you’ve just found one trustworthy lad.

11. He’s open-minded

Nobody can be perfect at all times and this is something the good guy already knows.

A good date could make mistakes, but once he realizes that, he will do everything in his power to accept it, learn from it and then make up for it because he knows it will only make him wiser and better.

12. He boasts you

A man who is truthfully into you will present no shame in displaying you to his friends, family and life in general.

If your character, your ambitions and achievements made a good impression on him, he is absolutely sure that they will astonish the other people in his life as well.

Contrary to a typical “bad boy”, a good boy wants nothing less than to expose your awesomeness and take pride in it in front of the whole world.

13. He makes you his priority

In defiance of his crowded schedule, if your potential partner prioritizes you, then he is without a doubt a tremendous guy.

He may not make it so obvious, but this type of guy cares a lot about both your time and your emotions.

Spending time with you is extremely important for him because you matter to him and that is exactly why he will do his best to never make you feel rejected.

14. He displays empathy

Any guy who is able to understand and share the feelings of another person is almost instinctively very compassionate too.

If he can grasp the feeling of being in someone else’s shoes, then he knows how to handle others in order to make them feel better and validated.

15. He’s faithful

Loyalty is the key element in every good guy’s chemistry. Not only will they show it in their romantic relationships, but this special trait is also visible in his relations to his pals, his words or even his boss.

Is he loyal to all of those? If the answer is yes, then you can be sure he will be faithful to you too in a committed relationship.

16. He continuously strives to become better

To be awesome is not a final destination, but a habit.

Even though he already reached a certain level of personal development, it’s in the nature of a nice guy to find new ways of improving all the time. That doesn’t imply that he is never satisfied, but merely that he’s determined to become the best version of himself.

17. He’s wary of your needs

There’s no doubt that him paying great attention to what you say or do is eventually the most successful way in keeping you pleased and delighted.

It’s the little things that he knows about you that make the relationship better and you happier.

18. He’s funny

You can’t have a complete list of qualities of a good man without mentioning the humor.

A good sense of humor doubled by a clever wit makes up for the perfect recipe of a future partner.

Spreading smiles and lifting up the moods of the people around is more than necessary in a solid relationship.


All in all, finding the perfect date is not that easy, but definitely far from impossible too, as long as you spot the qualities of a good man.

There are countless good guys out there who wait to be discovered. And given all the benefits of meeting one as a single girl, is definitely worth the shot.


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