We girls like to appear fun and likeable to men and set ourselves apart from the plain Janes that simply don’t know how to make men crave their company.

How to be funny around guys

It’s human nature to get people to like us and if you are a female with a bubbly personality that captures the attention of a whole room, you have a big edge compared to other women. Men simply love to be in the company of fun and lively women.

However, you should aim to do it properly or you’ll risk making men think you are crazy or simply clownish and simply an ill fit for a serious and meaningful relationship.

So here are some tips on how to be funny around guys that literally make them want your company daily:

1.  Find what makes them laugh in the first place

Every guy has a different sense of humor and what you may think is funny but not be a good reason for him to burst out laughing–well unless that guy is really into you and will put up a fake laugh just to please you.

You may think that the moment you gagged and tripped on the floor back in prom ages ago sounds funny but he may be finding the incident simply disgusting and immature.

A good way to grasp his sense of humor is to initiate funny convos and let him tell a joke or simply ask what makes him tick.

Now, it would be counterintuitive to completely ditch your own sense of humor to suit his but you can find something that you both find funny at least.

2.  Sit and observe how he reacts with others

Besides pulling the right jokes and words, you can sit back see his behavior and what really makes him have a great time.

Perhaps he likes to dance like a maniac (on the dance floor) or likes to join his buddies sipping on beers and telling lame jokes like there is no tomorrow.

Of course, you can’t become one of the guys (he really doesn’t want to see you like that) but you can join in the fun and tease him a little bit as you get closer together. Don’t be afraid to loosen up a bit as long as you feel comfortable.

3.  Be surprising and unpredictable

One of the biggest yet secret qualities or should we say “edges” men find incredibly attractive are surprises and unpredictability. As men get easily bored with the same things over and over again, you can throw in the element of surprise to keep their interest intact.

Here are some funny and teasing surprise ideas that will make him grin when he least expects it:

  • If he has a birthday party, arrange a birthday cake surprise with a big toy cake but instead of a hot girl (or you) jumping out of the cake,
  • a big fat monkey will appear or get his buddies to dress up as clowns and then kidnap him.

He may find it annoying at first, but he will surely laugh after you follow up with a pleasant surprise e.g. a big gift or a real striptease.

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