Every time you go on a date with a new guy, the whole thing feels like a gamble.

The man you decided to hang out with may not match your expectations, perhaps not even the basic ones.

Instead of being prince charming, he could turn out to be tedious and boring. In fact, here are countless reasons why a date could go wrong. Maybe he bites his nails or picks his nose or has a laugh comparable to a bear’s roar. Another reason could be that the chemistry between you is just missing completely.

At times, however, it’s not so simple to figure out if you’ve found yourself a loser or not. You could easily be tricked by how ideally nice he appears to be or even by the little chemistry that exists between you.


That makes you confused about whether it’s something you wish to pursue or not. In such cases, there are a number of ways to decide if he deserves a second date with you. (Read: What qualities to look for in a guy: The perfect date checklist)

All you have to do is to look for the following signs that indicate he’s boyfriend material or not:

1.  He talks badly of his exes

Nearly all people have an ex that hurt their feelings some time during their past. There’s also emotional luggage from former relationships.

Whatever the case, the past stays in the past and smart guys know this. Instead of letting themselves fall prey to the pain of past relationships, they learn from it and move on.

A man who fails to do that will always be rude about their exes and will most likely waste precious conversation time with you by talking crap about them.

2.  He’s disrespectful towards other women

You can be sure that men who mock other women’s less appealing traits don’t actually respect women as a whole.

Therefore, in the eventuality that the one you’re out on a date with makes terrible jokes about someone’s “saggy tits” or “chubby ass”, that’s a good indicator that you don’t want to see each other again.

3.  He calls his parents with “mommy” and “daddy”

Truth be told, calling your parents by their diminutives is sweet… if you are a kid. But as an adult, that is just very weird.

4.  He doesn’t tip

With very few cultural exceptions, offering tips is a sign of generosity and appreciation in regards to a good service.

On the contrary, if your date tips poorly or not at all, that denotes selfishness and could mean that he’s cheap in other ways too.

5.  He’s impolite with waiters

There’s a good chance that someone who is impolite with servers in a restaurant or other retail staff, will sooner or later be rude to you as well.

6.  He doesn’t exercise

Few women might care about this aspect, but if you’re the kind of woman that always takes care of herself, it’s only natural that you expect the same thing from your partner too.

7.  He smokes a lot

There are many downsides to people who smoke.

First off, it means they don’t put much value on their health and secondly, let’s remember that their breath probably smells like ashes.

8.  He doesn’t want to travel

This type of man is probably the most boring one.

If he doesn’t have the spirit to go on an adventure and explore new places, it’s very unlikely that he’ll find a way to make the monotony go away from his daily life as well.

9.  He dislikes reading

A guy who doesn’t read can’t be very bright, can he? Oh, and I don’t mean some comic book or the sports section.

You don’t have to find yourself the fanciest intellectual out there, but you might want to go for smart guys who like to cultivate their minds too.

10. He’s overly sensitive

Having a soft spot is totally fine even for a man.

However, there is nothing more energy draining than an overly sensitive guy.

It’d be painful to have to deal with someone who is constantly offended by the smallest things every single day.

11. He’s not interested in the news

Showing a total lack of interest in whatever is going on around the world is a poor trait in any man.

That also implies a lack of awareness and that’s obviously a red flag.


These are only a small number of signs that indicate he doesn’t deserve a second date and more importantly that he’s not boyfriend material at all.

Keep an eye at those red flags when it comes to dating someone new and if you spot any or all of them, you should move on and keep looking.



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