If you have been out of the dating life for a long time, getting back in the game may seem overwhelming and tricky.

Effective steps on how to start dating again after a long break from the dating world

Perhaps you’ve been too busy focusing on other priorities and activities and simply decided to stay single, or maybe your long-term relationship just ended and now you’re probably wondering how to start dating again.

Whatever the case may be, your curious nature can’t help but stress over how things have changed out there since you’ve been so far away from the phenomenon, and whether you’ll be capable of adapting.

However, as long as you’re actively trying to make an effort, feeling a bit rusty can easily be overcome and things could change pretty quickly in your favor. Most obstacles in your way to romance will disappear in no time.

That being said, here are a few tips on how to start dating again:

Things to Do Before You Start Dating:

  1. Take a look at your priorities. Considering that your prospects are healthy and realistic, it’s very helpful to have a checklist for the values and qualities you’re looking for when it comes to finding your perfect date. Turn your attention on the things that matter, like honesty and kindness. Always keep in mind that spectacular looks or money may not last or guarantee joy.  (Read: What qualities to look for in a guy: The perfect date checklist)
  1. Shake off the burdens. Leave your past behind. You can truly move on only after setting your resentments and disappointments aside. (Read: Best 4 Psychological Tricks on How to Heal a Broken Heart)
  1. Change your look. Trying something new is rarely unpleasant. Maybe you’re already satisfied with your appearance, or on the contrary, you’re a bit anxious that you forgot about your groom a little. We all agree that inner beauty matters more, but a fresh haircut or new cool eyeglass frames could lift your confidence a lot.
  1. Let your friends know. Speak to your friends about how prepared you are to mingle. Their help is always welcome, and they may even have thought about presenting you to someone.
  1. Take joy in being single. “Like attracts like” is the fundamental law of attraction. In order to find that special someone, you first got to be happy and accomplished yourself. This way you can contribute to the solid foundation of a beautiful relationship. Never stop accumulating knowledge and growing, especially when you’re looking for love.

Things to Do Once You Start Dating:

  1. Follow your interests. The best and most efficient way to meet compatible singles is to visit the places you enjoy. This way, you’re sure to have at least one passion that you share with the ones you meet. Also, you get to do what you already like so that’s a great bonus.
  2. Go online. Dating sites and apps are in high demand nowadays and for a good reason. The filters put at your disposal make it so much easier to find those who you have some chemistry with or at the very least you get the so valuable practice and experience. (Read: 5 Massive Reasons To Date Online)
  3. Don’t be hasty. Taking it easy is especially important when you haven’t been dating for so long. It’s hard not to get tempted, but it’s even harder to deal with another problematic relationship. Take your time to know one another better and avoid rushing just because you want to make up for the lost time on your previous experience.
  4. Promote open communication. It’s no big secret that one of the keys to a successful relationship is the ability to treat problems openly through constructive communication. Be genuine about who you are and what your ideal love story looks like. Get past obstacles with respect and understanding and respect each other’s boundaries.
  5. Pay attention. Listen to your date very carefully. This shows that you care about your partner’s thoughts and increases the mutual respect as well. Also, make sure to maintain eye contact and ask pertinent questions. And most of all, avoid appearing bored or uninterested.
  6. Reach out. Lower your own nervousness by doing different things to help others. Is your date wearing a fancy jacket? Sprinkle some compliments about it. Did they pick an interesting restaurant for your meeting? Congratulate them for it. If they face any hardships at work or maybe some chronic health conditions bother them, empathize.
  7. Work on your flexibility. No, you don’t have to become a contortionist, just experiment with the boundaries of your comfort zone. While there are many advantages in being single, you never know when you’ll get a partner and may have to adapt to them.
  8. Keep trying. In most cases, we don’t find “the chosen one” right from the first date. In fact, you may have to spend multiple months dating different people before you finally encounter someone you want to continue seeing. Enjoy the journey and recognize your merits for taking risks.

Going from one relationship status to another is a huge event in life. It’s crucial that you don’t lose your patience, but on the contrary, you enjoy your time meeting other singles. Taking a little bit of time in between romantic experiences is healthy and can be a big opportunity to discover what you truly want and how to make better decisions when it comes to dating again.

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