You are dating an attractive yet very timid woman or one that is not so talkative. You have already discussed about your mutual hobbies, your families and your work and you feel that you exhausted all the topics that are going through your mind and she is not helping you either (or at least that’s what you think).

3 best tips When You Run Out of Things to Say to Her

One of the most excellent ways to have a proper, wholesome and right communication with your girlfriend is to start with short conversations which will lead to more things to say to her eventually.

These small discussions will help you to get a general idea about the things she enjoys and about the ones she dislikes, likewise what she would love to talk about and what she would rather prefer to leave behind.

Once the small talk helps you see things in perspective and you are able to set an image in your mind, you can go deeper with the talk and discuss about the mutual things you like or dislike.

But for the most part, what scares you the most are those moments of silence when you don’t know what to say anymore. Ugh…terrible moments!

Now, there are some ways you can avoid these awkward moments and actually learn the perfect method to mend those lacks successfully.


Here are some of the best tips for things to say to her when you are in those akward moments:

  1. Think about open questions

You need to know how to ask questions because they are the keystone for a good communication. It is important to know what questions to ask and when to ask them, seduce her with your words – this would be a good way to start a relationship.

The frequent questions you can use without being annoying are those like “Why?”, “How?” or “What?” This way you will look interested in what she is saying to you and she will have the desire to tell you more.

Consequently, you should think twice before you speak and choose the words wisely and also carefully in order to avoid being rude or impolite.

  1. Listen to her

It happens frequently for men to lose interest when a woman begins to talk about romance, relationships, family and friends, these being the subjects that women often love to talk about. (Read: How to Be Funny Around Guys & Make Them Crave Your Company Daily )

Therefore, men get easily bored and tend to bring the conversation back to them and this is a major problem. Men do this mistake all the time without even realizing it. They also like to joke around too much and spend a lot of time bragging about themselves, so you should stop doing those things!

Even if your perspective is not mutual with hers, let her have her own points of view while you are having yours – there is nothing wrong with that. This way you will complete each other and that’s what every couple should do.

Usually, men tend to believe that they should abandon their own beliefs in order to please the woman’s points of view, otherwise they had to argue about everything they strongly believe in. Certainly both of these approaches are wrong and in the end lead to failure.

Remember that she is not there with you just to hear how you praise yourself with your “superhero qualities”, but is there to have a good time.

  1. Pay her compliments

The common thing about human beings is that they are shy about meeting unknown people. Not long ago I used to be extremely shy. When you reflect on it, shyness is simply consisting in the fear of being rejected or not to be liked by others.

It’s deep in our character to urge for acceptance, so try your best to let her know that you like being around in her company by complimenting her.

Be sure that you compliment something about her that you really find attractive so that you make her feel special. This way, her shyness will start to fade and the conversation will flow. She will become more open and confident to share her beliefs.

In short

Be sure to practice the above 3 best tips for things to say to her, as the old sayings goes “Practice make perfect”!

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